Take Regular Care of Your Vehicle

One of the many reasons vehicles run up expensive repair bills or fail their annual MOT inspection is that they are not serviced regularly and maintained properly. Small problems that could have been fixed relatively cheaply then turn into a major repair bill.

All manufacturers provide guidelines as to vehicle servicing intervals and what work should be undertaken at each major or minor service (either relating to the age of the vehicle or the mileage it has covered).

A good rule of thumb is that it is generally recommended that you get your car serviced annually (most people tend to do this in line with their annual MOT inspection). That way you not only keep on top of minor problems and stop them from becoming major repairs but you also are looking after your cars engine, ensuring that it is running at it’s optimum performance and as such extending the life span of your vehicle.

Cars are there to be used when you need them, by taking car of your vehicle it should be around for many more years to come. To find out more about the servicing options we offer then just give us a call, and don’t forget… “Ask for Cammy!”.