What’s The Problem?

One way of keeping the costs down when repairing a vehicle is to keep the labour to a minimum and that involves understanding what is wrong with the vehicle in the first place.

At Y-Mac Engineering our highly trained vehicle technicians utilise state of the art diagnostic equipment to locate the problem and quickly pinpoint what needs fixed.

Most people dread seeing the Engine Management Warning Light as generally when you refer to the cars manual it simply states ‘take the car to your nearest garage’ and you have no idea whether it is a small problem or one that if it goes unattended could result in a costly repair bill.

At Y-Mac Engineering we can not only diagnose the problem with your vehicle but we will can also provide you with a cost for the labour and part to repair the fault. Quote often this turns out to be something fairly routine but in some instances our diagnostic equipment has identified a major fault in the vehicle.

In many walks of life diagnosing the problem is half the battle as once you know what the problem is you are always better equipped to deal with things, so let Y-Mac Engineering help you next time you have a fault in your vehicle, call us now to find out how we can help and don’t forget, “Ask for Cammy!”.